Our history and what we believe make every day a better day.

Our Story

Z Vegan Hair Concept - João & Brito is the first vegan hair salon in Portugal.  With a philosophy that has been consolidated since its opening in 2008, it is the result of a very special relationship between the founders and the clients.

They share spirituality, eco-friendly and vegan consciousness, to contribute to a better world. All the products are free of sulfates, parabens, ammonia, folmaldehyde, PPD's, nickel, resorcin. The Z is represented by the number 7 (spirituality), in Hebrew it is the letter Zain, which represents the mobility, the fluidity of the movement. Desire more to reach the maximum potential of a purpose.


We do not use any product of animal origin


We believe that nature gives us everything we need.

Cruelty free

We only use products that are not tested on animals.

Paraben free

We do not use products with chemical preservatives that are harmful to health.

Sulfate free

We pay attention to the ingredients we use.

Our contribution

Sharing is our motto. We know how much this little gesture can make all the difference in the life of someone who is in need of support. For all this we are partners of some associations.

Environmental pollution is a subject to which we are very sensitive. From the recycling of rubbish, from the reuse of gloves and satins for strands, to the recycling of cut hair. It is all part of a process that we accompany personally. To know and help the same associations click on the links below.

We appreciate every

Companies are made of people we value, we are part of a whole, originating from the same spark of Light.